Technical Services

The Government of Lebanon has recently begun its compensation program for families whose homes were totally destroyed. The program calls for two disbursals of $20,000 USD each (approximately 4 to 5 times the average annual income of households in the South), with the second payment conditioned upon proper use of the first. The Government has channeled funds through their largely under-resourced municipalities. HFH has responded by complimenting this reconstruction program with the technical support and supervision it requires, on both the municipality and family levels.

HFH is assisting affected families in the design and finalization of executable architectural plans for their new homes, helping families to understand exactly how far their expected governmental compensation will go and how best to secure an adequate living space as quickly as possible. In addition, the technical staff act as consultants, training beneficiary families on how to work with contractors and manage their reconstruction process.

HFH technical staff is also assisting municipalities in response planning, documentation and registration, and the ongoing management of the reconstruction process in their communities. ~800 Families Served (Direct)

In early 2007, the Partnership for Lebanon, a coalition of private sector partners including Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems Inc, Intel Corporation, GHAFARI Inc, and the Occidental Petroleum Corporation, came together to support that the HFH Lebanon program described here has been made possible. (Learn more: