The Mohsen Family

Finally a Home!

The Mohsen family currently resides in their newly constructed house in El Ksaybeh near Nabatieh, South Lebanon. Before that, they had lived in a rather unfinished cold structure lacking the minimal health requirements for their four kids to grow. Health problems have accompanied them since then. Fadel, the eleven year-old son and Myriam, the eight year-old daughter both suffer from a rare bone disease which makes them fragile and in constant need for medical care.

The project officially started on October 4th, 2012 with the humble aspiration of building a room, kitchen and bathroom. But with the inspirational community effort of the electricians, carpenters, plumbers and painters  that was put into this project, it grew to include an entire house.

The mother: a new outlook from a new house

As a mother, having to take care of her infant and three other children, Diba Hashem always felt like her kids deserved more. And now that they actually have a garden with enough space to play, Diba rests assured that they shall enjoy their childhood.

As a housewife, she now feels like she can run her chores with more efficiency as the kitchen and bathroom are better equipped. “I truly sense a stronger bond growing in my family under this roof. After having gone through so many financial hurdles and economic hardships, we now enjoy stability and togetherness”, she says.

The father Mr. Abbas Mohsen admits “Ever since Habitat stepped into this house and decided to lend a helping hand, I felt like a stronger man not having to carry the burden of rent neither not that of embarrassment”.

My kids now have their own privacy to study and play in their own rooms instead of being crammed up with us. I am freed of the pressing worry and concern”, Mohsen happily declares. “Habitat gave us trust, reassurance and faith in promises well-kept and delivered”.