The Housing Microfinance Program

Responding to the widespread but unmet demand from low-income families for affordable housing/shelter loan products, HFH Lebanon began a housing micro-finance program in November 2008. In partnership with the Lebanese Association for Development (Al Majmoua), HFHL offers micro loans specially designed for home improvement to people who would otherwise not have access to credit. It has served more than 1700 families to date.

An established Lebanese micro-finance organization, Al Majmoua helps low-income Lebanese create livelihoods for themselves and their families.  HFH Lebanon builds on Al Majmoua’s experience and local presence to offer the working poor the chance to invest their earnings into life-changing improvements to their homes.

Current homes are in desperate need of restoration: dark, damp and overcrowded, with a variety of specific repair needs.  HFHL provides low-interest micro loans and Construction Technical Assistance which allow families to finally change these long-standing problems.

In mid-2011, HFHL partnered with Dialogue & Development in Saida on a housing microfinance program serving around 50 families.