The Orphans and Vulnerable Groups Program

HFH Lebanon works in partnership with local NGOs that focus on vulnerable families to find and address the most urgent housing problems throughout the country, helping the poorest of Lebanon’s poor to gain access to basic, decent, healthy housing.

The families in this program, mostly headed by widows, single parents, have disabled members or suffer from financial and social burdens. Most of the families’ limited income goes toward their immediate needs for survival; little to nothing is left for home upkeep or repair.  As a result, many of their homes require an extensive amount of rehabilitation or an addition in order to create a well-balanced and adequate shelter for the inhabitants. 

Home repairs for these families include installing proper sanitation for kitchens and bathrooms, reinforcing unsafe structures through column installation, and waterproofing or replacing roofs. Families repay small, subsidized loans, with repayment schedules adjusted to their financial circumstances, and contribute volunteer labor as construction allows. 

HFH Lebanon is currently working with the Lebanese Association of SOS Children’s Villages (SOS), Forum of the Handicapped – North Lebanon, the South Lebanese Society for the Blind, 2B Design and Jinishian Memorial Program. HFH Lebanon is actively seeking to expand this program through additional partnerships. Over 130 families have been served so far.